The following Conditions apply to all reservations made on this website. Please take a moment to read them before making a reservation.


Company that provide private transport services for passengers by road. We operate under the brand TAXIVALENCIATRANSFER which is our exclusive property. For commercial purposes we have this telephone (+34) 644694901, and operate through the website and email For the provision of our services we work with transport professionals to transfer passengers and who are in possession of all the licenses and permits necessary to carry out this activity according to the legislation applicable to each one of them.

The transport service will not be considered as a tourist package under the terms established by Council Directive 90/314 / EEC, of ​​June 13, 1990, nor in the terms of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, as well as other complementary laws, and therefore the company does not operate in any case as a travel agency.
Before confirming a service request offered on our website, make sure you have read and understood these Conditions, as any subsequent contract will apply. By making a reservation, you confirm that you have read these Conditions and that you have the legal capacity to accept them on your own behalf and on behalf of all passengers. If you have any doubts about any of the contractual conditions, please contact our customer service before continuing with the reservation process. If you do not wish, you are subject to the obligations arising from these Conditions, unfortunately you can not make a reservation with us.


The person making the reservation must be at least 18 years old and is responsible for following all the steps of the online booking system, making sure that all the information provided is correct and complete and making the payment in full when appropriate. Once the reservation is formalized with TAXIVALENCIATRANSFER, the company will carry out all the necessary procedures to organize the services requested. The contract will be binding for the parties only once you have received your confirmation voucher by email. In case the transport operator can not provide the services requested, the client will be informed, leaving the company free of any other obligation towards the client. The client must confirm receipt of all our notifications. In the case of not receiving confirmation of the receipt of the email, the records stored on our mail server will be considered sufficient proof of receipt.
Our confirmation message will not be considered proof of the existence of a binding contract. It is expressly forbidden for minors to request services from the company, and their parents, guardians or legal representatives should contact us immediately in the event that a minor has booked a service with us to proceed with its cancellation. Minors must always travel in the company of an adult passenger or with the appropriate authorization of the parent or guardian.


We accept payment methods:
Direct to the driver in cash or by credit or debit card.


The information contained in the reservation includes, the point of collection and the address of the accommodation. Any change that affects these or other data must be communicated by email to the address, and will only be considered effective once checked with the transport operator and confirmed to the customer by email. The customer assumes any increase in the cost of the service due to a change in the reservation.


Any cancellation of the reservation must be made in writing by email. Separate transfer services can be canceled as well as a complete reservation that includes more than one service.


If we are forced to make a significant change in the conditions of service, or cancel the service, we will inform you as soon as possible. If the driver by mistake could not comply with the service contracted, you will be notified to call or contract with another local company, (Please note that the prices of local companies may differ from ours – in no case will we take care of what paid to these local companies-)
We will do everything possible to respect your preferences regarding the vehicle chosen; however, in some cases it may be necessary to assign an alternative vehicle for reasons of availability or safety.
In extraordinary cases we can see the need to cancel your reservation. In any case, we will make the necessary efforts to find viable alternatives to any confirmed reservation that we have to cancel.


Waits are included in the price up to a maximum of one hour. If you need more time due to loss of luggage and subsequent claim or other reason, the driver will not wait except for the payment of €5 for each additional 15 minutes of waiting.


Legislation at local and national level may vary depending on the country in which the transfer is made. Anyway, all our transport operators comply with current legislation. If you book a private transfer, we recommend, for safety reasons, that you use a lift or a baby seat for passengers under 12 years of age or with a height of less than 135 cm. During the booking process you will have the opportunity to reserve baby seats or booster seats in most destinations.
It is the responsibility of the holder of the reservation to check that the retention system is compatible with the vehicle and that it is installed correctly. The company will not be responsible for any incident derived from misuse or improper installation of the retention system. If you want to travel with your own baby seat or booster seat and have booked a private transfer, you must inform us of this before you start your trip. We must ensure that the vehicle used by the operator is compatible with the car seat or the lift.


All children and babies, regardless of their age, will be taken into account to determine the capacity of the vehicle to use, and therefore must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.


The services of transfer for people with reduced mobility must be requested through our customer service. We will do everything possible to meet your request, although we are not specialists in transporting passengers with reduced mobility. Passengers with reduced mobility must be able to access the vehicle autonomously or with the assistance of one of their companions. We can only accept folding wheelchairs. We regret that we can not guarantee the type of vehicle that will be used in your transfer.


During the reservation process, you will have the possibility to reserve an additional stop in case you have to pick up or return some keys or if your group is divided among more than one accommodation. The address of the additional stop must be located in the same destination as the main stop. The maximum duration of this additional stop will be 5 minutes.


During the reservation process, you will have the possibility to reserve additional service time to go shopping or sightseeing, for example. You can book through our customer service.


We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that meets your needs. Please read the contract carefully and print the documentation so that you can take it with you when you travel. Proper travel insurance will protect you against a series of risks that are beyond our control.


In the case of breach of these conditions, we will be liable only for those damages or losses that are a consequence attributable to our default or our negligence, and at most for the total amount that we would have previously paid. We are not responsible for damages that are not directly attributable to us or those caused by accident, force majeure or that have their cause in legal or administrative requirements.
We are not responsible for incidents that take place during the provision of the service, specifically illnesses, personal injuries or death, unless they are a direct consequence of our negligence. If the transport operator in error could not comply with the contracted service, you will be contacted to call or contract with another local company, proceeding to return the full amount you had previously paid us, by bank transfer. (Please note that the prices of local companies may differ from ours – in no case will we pay for what was paid to these local companies-)
This means that, in accordance with these conditions, we can accept liability if, for example, the passenger dies or suffers personal injury or if the transfer service is not rendered as contracted or poorly provided as a result of our disability or of the inability of our employees or the inability of our transport operators to provide the transportation service you hired using reasonable knowledge and professionalism. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to demonstrate this lack of knowledge and professionalism if you want to file a claim against the company.
In addition, we will only be responsible for what our employees and transport operators do or do not do while acting in the framework of their professional performance (for employees) or doing the jobs we have requested (for transport operators). No section of these Conditions limits or excludes:
-The Our responsibility to you in case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligent actions.
-Any other right that you own as a consumer and user and that by law can not be excluded or limited.
We are completely exempt from any liability in case the client directly contracts a service with the transport operator. We can not guarantee one hundred percent the accuracy of the contents of this website. The possibility that the page is affected by a computer virus can not be ruled out. In any case, we will do everything possible to rectify any error that is communicated to us in the shortest possible time. If due to one of these errors a reservation is made with a wrong price or with a wrong promotion, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without having to compensate the client.


We can not be held responsible in case the fulfillment of our obligations or of the transport operator is impeded or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of a force majeure event or of any circumstance beyond our control, including, among others, extreme weather events, natural disasters, terrorism, third party accidents during the journey of the transfer, police controls, extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes.


Any contact related to possible changes in the reservation data should be made through email
In case of unavoidable modifications of the contract, we will inform you through an e-mail sent to the address you have given us at the time of booking. The fact of sending this mail will be considered as proof of its reception by the client. The same is valid for any other informative email that we send you. For this reason, it is very important that you make sure that the email address provided is correct and that you check your e-mail inbox until the moment you start the transfer service.
In case of delay of the arrival flight, the transport operator will reprogram the transport service and you will be picked up at the new arrival time. If, for any reason, you do not arrive at the pick-up point within 60 minutes of the flight’s landing time, the transport operator or our Customer Service will try to get in touch with you through the mobile phone number you have provided.
If this communication was not possible, you have not provided us with a valid number at the time of booking, due to not having coverage, having activated voicemail or not answering the call, the service will not be provided, the transport operator will be released from its obligation to provide the service.


We offer a range of services agreed with the transport operators. It’s about private transport services.
We can not guarantee the exact itinerary to the chosen destination. We do our utmost to ensure that collection hours are scrupulously respected, but we can not guarantee them.
If you do not locate the driver of your private transfer upon arrival at the airport, it is your responsibility to contact us through the telephone number that appears on your transfer receipt. If you do not call us at these numbers and opt for an alternative transfer, the service will not be provided, the transport operator will be released from its obligation to provide the service. For pickups that are not in airports, we must receive your call within ten minutes of your scheduled pick-up time. An external telephone service provider registers and stores a list of all the calls received in our customer service numbers; This list will be used as evidence in case of discrepancy over whether calls were made to our contact phones or not. You are responsible for checking the scheduled pick-up time and making sure that the resulting arrival time at the airport departure terminal is at least 10 minutes before the opening (not closing) of the check-in desk and in no case less than two hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.
The transport operator will pick it up and leave it as close as possible to the addresses provided. If the access through a habitual itinerary is closed due to meteorological causes, traffic accidents, etc., the transport operator will take, according to his express request, an alternative itinerary to reach the agreed destination; in these cases additional costs can be generated for you. All transport services contracted are covered by the civil liability policy of the transport operator or the company subcontracted by him.


The vehicles used for private transfers have capacity for at least one piece of luggage per passenger seat, billable suitcase. He will inform us of all the luggage to be transported at the time of making the reservation. It is not necessary to declare the smallest pieces that can be placed on the passenger footrest, such as cameras, bags or small backpacks. The passenger will be responsible for any costs incurred in case of needing additional vehicles for the transport of undeclared luggage.
Your acceptance of the contract and the general conditions will be considered a tacit agreement not to include in any case in the luggage or personal objects objects that contravene the legislation of the country in which the service is provided (weapons, etc.) or that they can be dangerous for third parties, nor animals unless a prior agreement has been reached and they are transported in a suitable container (the accompanying guide dogs accept as a general rule), nor objects of excessive size, weight, expiration or fragility.
The transport of luggage and other personal items is at your own risk and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. This risk of damage or loss should be covered by contracting insurance by the client before the start of the trip.


You implicitly grant the company and the transport operator the right to refuse service to any passenger who, according to the driver’s criteria, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those whose conduct could be considered dangerous for the driver of the vehicle. vehicle, for third parties or for themselves.
It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages for consumption during the trip or consume food inside the operator’s vehicles. This prohibition also applies to narcotics. Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle and in its immediate vicinity.


If the service you receive from the transport operator does not meet your expectations, you should immediately inform the customer service and, whenever possible, at the time the incident occurs with the driver’s information:
-Name and surnames, vehicle registration.
Complaints received once the transportation service has ended and we were not notified during the transfer may not be accepted, as we have not been given the opportunity to help or intervene in any way. You will find our detailed contact information on the transfer receipt.
Complaints in writing must be sent by email to and reach our hands no later than 8 days after your return date. If you want to communicate any question related to our online booking process or with our customer service, please direct your complaint to the address:


The Internet user who accesses the site does it anonymously and is not registered by the company. The user maintains his anonymity throughout the process of searching for information on the website and his personal data are not registered at any time.
Notwithstanding the above points, the company uses user identifiers (cookies) on our website to collect information on the use of the page, such as the server to which the user’s computer is connected, the type of search engine (Firefox) , Internet Explorer, etc.). We use this information exclusively to improve our marketing actions and the personal data of the internet user are not included among the information captured.
In response to a request for a quote from a transfer service by a potential customer, we can request some of your personal data, such as the email address and contact telephone number, in order to send communications.
By the fact of closing a contract with us, you tacitly authorize us to use your personal data to provide the requested service
. In accordance with current legislation, you have access to your personal data that appear in our files. If you believe that the information about your person that we have is incorrect, send us a communication to The company will correct the errors immediately. Likewise, you can send us a written request for cancellation or for exercising the right to oppose.
Please keep in mind that other web pages that you may access through us may have confidentiality conditions different from ours. We are not responsible for the conditions or content included in any other website that is connected or associated with ours. Any change in the policy of processing personal data and confidentiality will be immediately reflected in these Conditions so that the client is correctly informed and can react in an appropriate manner.

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